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An established international company that operates in the technology and learning and development domains is bringing its brands here.

You are getting the chance of being a part of the Sales Organization that it will be deploying.

We will select the best of those who meet our criteria. We then take them through our high impact scientific selling Sales Assessment and Training program for a nominal fee.

Those who come out on top qualify for the opportunity to become an independent, authorized Affiliate. They will earn attractive commissions on a range of products and services that we sell. There is no limit to what the elite sales professional can earn!
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Applying does NOT guarantee that you will get through the rigorous selection process. The final selection will be made towards the end of the Sales Assessment and Training process. Also, this is not a salaried position. Selected individuals will earn from attractive commissions.

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There is nothing to lose. You only pay the nominal fee of US$90 if you pass the initial screening process. That would mean that you have great potential as a sales professional.

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